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Science is so much fun and it's exciting to know and share the facts used to disprove theories facts which may be debunked as well by future scientific discoveries! We are grateful for the people who make learning enjoyable and accessible. It's thanks to these people we can now tune in to radio shows that provide us with such interesting discussions. Even more awesome is listeners of this particular radio show we'll talk about need not be sole receivers of intellectual discussions! Just like a walkie talkie, this radio show becomes somewhat like a two-way radio by allowing listeners to join in and raise questions and comments.

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The Naked Scientists

A group of researchers and physicians from Cambridge University established an award-winning BBC weekly radio programme called The Naked Scientists, named after the media-savvy group endorsing science that's "stripped down to its bare essentials." The Naked Scientists organize live lectures and host radio shows which they stream on their website (www.thenakedscientists.com) to provide content that's accessible world-wide. The group now has an international following on the internet while the radio programme has a massive "potential audience of 6 million listeners."

Various listeners can tune in every Sunday evening to Dr. Chris Smith and his company of entertaining sidekicks interviewing renowned scientists and recognized researchers from across the globe. What makes the show even more engaging is when the hosts and their guests take science questions from the listening public.

The group has also organized a public lecture series called the Naked Science at Borders. This is an opportunity for members of the community to attend lectures and listen to presentations given by celebrated scientists in the UK. According to Dr. Smith, it is the Naked Scientists' goal "to help people enjoy science as much as we do and, at the same time, to have fun."

Naked Science Podcasts

Listed in the Naked Scientists' website are various podcasts discussing everything science and answering questions like why the universe spins to what makes eyelids twitch. Discussions tackling the solar system, Alzheimer's disease, the enigma machine, technology and tennis, digital storage, and epidemiologist John Snow and Cholera can all be streamed and downloaded from their website.

So many more discussions are already available on site. Just imagine fourteen science podcasts for each of the hundred and fifteen web pages posted. These podcasts can surely help satisfy one's science cravings!

Discussing Citizen Science Research You Can Do

To give you a taste of the Naked Scientists' conversations, here is an overview of one of their episodes. Chris Smith along with Dominic Ford began an investigation on a number of science projects calling for the involvement of citizens in scientific researches which can be conducted from home. They actually presented a wide array of scientific investigations to choose from and be involved in -- from mapping happiness to categorising galaxies, hunting spiders and discovering the relation between a blue whale's earwax and ocean pollution.

Some of the amazing scientists they interviewed for the episode are Wendy Ingram from the University of California at Berkeley, having conducted research on a specific parasite that makes mice unafraid of cats. They also had a chat with Karen Masters from the University of Portsmouth who enlightened everyone about Galaxy Zoo, an astronomy website hosting images of galaxies as part of a large-scale astronomical survey. Microbiologist Andy Whiteley was also interviewed regarding MicroBlitz, a science project launched to map soil biota in Western Australia.

Many more interviews were conducted and a lot of scientific issues were discussed in one episode alone of the Naked Scientists!